Nowadays or Now a Days?

Nowadays or Now a Days image

  • Nowadays is the only correct spelling of this word.
  • Spelling the word as three words—now a days—is incorrect.

Nowadays means “at the present time.” It’s easy to use, but the spelling gives some people trouble.

How to Spell Nowadays

There’s only one way to spell nowadays—as one word. Even though this adverb evolved from the Middle English now adays, spelling it as more than one word today is a mistake. You shouldn’t write it as now a days, nowdays, nowaday, or any other spelling:

You can’t buy spirits if you’re a minor now a days.

We have a huge range of different clothing brands to choose from nowadays.

Nowdays, you can find a coffee shop on every corner.

Nowadays, people like to watch TV shows on their computers.

Nowadays or Now a Days image

How to Use Nowadays in a Sentence

Nowadays should never be used as an adjective—you can’t say that your car is a nowadays car. When you start your sentence with nowadays, you should set it off with a comma, as it’s an introductory element.

You should also remember that nowadays isn’t usually used to describe something temporary that happens to be occurring at the present moment. It usually refers to something that has become common in the times we are referring to.


You should have even less shame about giving them to your loved ones this holiday season, because seriously, have you seen most pop culture swag nowadays?

There are some very common sights at a Black Friday sale nowadays—giant TVs, blenders, coffee makers, hoovers and last-season’s gadgets.

Nowadays, it has changed, it is more demanding for a full-back.

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