Is It Ridiculous Or Rediculous?

Is It Ridiculous Or Rediculous gif

Some words that you use often may be difficult to spell correctly. Which spelling is right—ridiculous or rediculous?

The correct spelling is ridiculous. Because of the way it’s pronounced, sometimes people spell it with an E—rediculous, but that’s a misspelling.

The Saint Bernard puppy looked cute but ridiculous in the superhero costume.

The teenager thought his punishment was simply rediculous for his age.

Is It Ridiculous Or Rediculous gif


The 28-year-old closer has agreed to a ridiculousfive-year, $86 million contract with the New York Yankees.

I was always ridiculous and I have known that. . . Then I went to school, then to university and what do you know—the more I studied, the more I learned that I was ridiculous.

Is it your goal to be a good speller? If so, learn whether you should be writing benefited or benefitted.

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