A Lot vs. Alot vs. Allot

A Lot vs. Alot vs. Allot image

A lot, alot, and allot only differ by a few spaces or letters. However, all of the terms function differently. Let’s investigate how to use each one.

A Lot vs. Alot vs. Allot image

What Does a Lot Mean?

Alot is a common misspelling of a lot. A lot should always be spelled as two words. The meaning of a lot depends on the context. Usually, it means “many” or “to a great extent.” Let’s look at some examples.

Shelley reads a lot of books during her morning commute.

Chopped parsley looks alot like chopped cilantro.

What Does Allot Mean?

To allot means to apportion by shares or to set aside for a special purpose. How do you use this verb? Let’s look at some examples of allot in a sentence.

The settlers were alloted one acre of farmland.

The employer allots one hour for lunch.


America is “closer than a lot of folks think” to ending cancer, Barack Obama has revealed.

Maybe everybody had the same allotedmeasure of happiness within each day.

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