Purposely vs. Purposefully: Learn the Difference

Purposely vs. Purposefully: Learn the Difference image

  • Purposely means deliberately.
  • Purposefully means with purpose, determination, or meaning.

Purposely and purposefully are similar words. What’s the difference between them?

Purposely vs. Purposefully: Learn the Difference image

The Meaning of Purposely

Purposely means intentionally. If you do an act deliberately, you do it purposely. Let’s look at some examples of purposely in a sentence.

Alicia left the back door open purposely so her dog could come and go as he pleased.

She didn’t hurt him purposely, but it seemed to happen every time they talked.

The Meaning of Purposefully

Purposefully means “with a sense of resoluteness or purpose.” You use it when you do something with determination. Consider these examples of how purposefully functions in a sentence.

The kindergartner drew her picture purposefully, demonstrating concentration uncommon for someone her age.

The athlete chose her meals purposefully, unwilling to consume any empty calories.

How to Remember the Difference between Purposely and Purposefully

The best way to remember the difference between purposely and purposefully is to ask which synonym best fits the context. If “intentionally” makes the most sense, use purposely. If “determinedly” or “with a sense of purpose” sounds best, then choose purposefully.

Nancy purposely left her scarf at her neighbor’s house so she would have a reason to visit him again.

Nancy purposefully applied her eyeliner and mascara.

Nancy purposefully dropped her keys in the puddle.


The firefighters are paid only for the hours they spend putting out fires or doing related maintenance. Swayney and others purposely set seven fires between 2010 and 2014 to earn that pay, the federal prosecutor’s office said.

But like with their other restaurants, the chefs aim to keep daytime and evening fare at Norman seasonal and “purposefully sourced.”

Purposely and purposefully aren’t the only commonly confused pair to sort out. Why not learn about scared versus afraid or choir versus chorus?

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