What’s Your Office Communication Pet Peeve?

What's Your Office Communication Pet Peeve? image

Have you ever wondered why your blood boils when someone at the office starts a new email thread to reply to your email?

Communication Peeve Eye Roll

Or why you need at least one full cup of coffee to handle the deluge of birthday greetings in office Slack chat?

Need Coffee to Communicate

You do a lot of things at work, but you probably don’t realize that the vast majority of those things are some form of communication. Whether it’s meetings, Slack messages, the emails—oh gosh, the emails!—or chats around the coffee machine, time at the office is basically time spent communicating. But, when communication habits collide, frustration and eye-rolling ensues.

What kinds of communication habits or problems really get under your skin? What are your communication pet peeves?

Jargon is confusing

Talking too much is boring

Hearing “synergistically” or “orthogonally” 235 times in one meeting?
When you hear a word too many times

Tell us in the comments about your communication experiences at the office and what your pet peeves are.

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